Home Field Advantage

So far it's been a lot of fun getting things off the ground here at Kali. We've spent this week largely out of the office, talking to producers and engineers in their studios about their work and their processes. 

One really cool thing about being in Los Angeles is how many studios there are here, and how diverse the projects are that people are working on. We've talked to people who are making hip hop, jazz, rock, pop, classical - sometimes all in the same day. We've talked to people who are mixing records, people who are working on movies and TV, and people who are creating content that lives online. 

The thing that seems to unite everyone we've talked to is the passion they have for their work, and their determination to get the best possible end result. We're excited to let these people play with our products, tell us how they like them, and see them being used. Nothing is better than the feeling of knowing something you've created had a part to play in something wonderful. 

If you're a producer or an engineer based in or around LA, drop us a line at info@kaliaudio.com. We'd like to talk to you about what you do, and invite you to a listening party somewhere in the area. 

-Nate, 2/16/18

John Melikyan