Kali Audio appoints Charles Sprinkle as Director of Acoustics

We're extremely excited to announce that we've hired Charles Sprinkle as Director of Acoustics. Charles is one of the most visionary engineers working in our field today. He is known for exceptionally accurate loudspeakers and innovations in dispersion pattern technologies.

Says Sprinkle, “What attracted me about Kali was the freedom to explore peoples’ pain points with the audio gear they’re currently using and design products around giving them a better experience. In the time that I’ve spent in recording studios and at shows, I’ve come to understand that making a better speaker makes it possible for the person using that speaker to make a better product – whether that’s a record, a movie, or a live show. It’s exciting to be involved in that creative process, and to give people the tools they need!”

Before joining Kali, Sprinkle was a Principal Systems Engineer at JBL Professional, where he was instrumental in the development of many award winning studio monitors and portable PA products.

Sprinkle is already hard at work on Project Lone Pine. We're hosting listening sessions in LA this Spring, where you can be the first to hear our first line. If you're in LA and you'd like an invite to one of those listening sessions, drop us a line at info@kaliaudio.com

John Melikyan