Reviews for the LP-6 and LP-8



Kali Audio is the new kid in town, it's just one year old, but the company has already received rave after rave review for its LP-6 monitor speaker. I'm falling in line with another rave -- the LP-6 is a slam-dunk winner. 

-Steve Guttenberg for CNET

The LP-6 and 8 are designed with quality at the forefront – as many have said before us, “quality in, quality out“.

-Alexander Hume for Dance Music NorthWest

Kali Audio has solidified themselves as not only a contender in the pro studio monitor market, but a frontrunner in studio monitor technology and advancement.

-Charles Hoffman for Sonic Scoop

“I'm mixing music on them right now and bass-heavy genres like Hip-hop and EDM translate better than ever. The artists and producers I mix for are all very satisfied with the results.”

-Barry Rudolph for Music Connection

"Kali Audio LP-6 Studio Monitors: The Best Budget Nearfields, Period" 

-Dance Music NW

These compact monitors from new company Kali Audio strike an enticing balance between performance and affordability.

-Sound on Sound

"Outperforming numerous competitors at significantly higher price points, Kali's debut LP-6s are the best studio monitors under $500—period."

-DJ Booth

“For me they are a steal and they fill a space in my monitoring setup that I sorely needed: Monitors that I can actually use all day.”

-Admiral Bumblebee

"A big recommendation for Kali Audio's LP-6 monitors! As a second pair or as a primary pair in budget-minded project rooms, you really cannot go wrong with these!"

-Music Connection

“Easily out punch models twice their price or more.”

-Music Tech

“It has a very engaging, animated sound. It sounds alive!”

-DJ TechTools