9/10/18: Kali Audio offers Splice to Early Adopters

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Media Contact: Nate Baglyos, Director of Marketing



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 Kali Audio Offers Splice to Early Adopters

Los Angeles CA, September 10, 2018- Kali Audio, a startup audio company based in Southern California, is offering 2 free months of Splice Sounds to new Splice users who buy any Kali Audio product this Fall.

Kali Audio’s highly anticipated LP-6 studio monitors are now available in the US. The LP-6 is a 6.5-inch two way studio monitor with a front-firing port and an array of boundary compensation EQs. These EQs allow users to place the speakers in a variety of positions in their space and still achieve accurate sound.

Reviews and feedback for the LP-6 so far have been glowing. Producer Drew Kapner says: “In that footprint, in that configuration, how you’re getting that much sound that accurately at that price point is mind-boggling.”

One of Kali’s first customers wrote to the company saying: “Thanks for the front porting, big spacious sound, and being able to be clear and accurate in the treble without edginess.”

Kali built the LP-6 monitors specifically with producers and beatmakers in mind, which is why the company is offering early adopters 2 free months of Splice Sounds. Splice Sounds allows subscribers to download up to 100 audio samples each month for royalty-free use in their own projects.

To access this promotion, simply register your Kali Audio product at kaliaudio.com/register

For more information, go to kaliaudio.com 

Media Contact

Nate Baglyos, Director of Marketing