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Project Lone Pine

Studio Monitors

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Step up your sound.

Kali's Lone Pine Studio Monitors are the most advanced speakers in their class. Everything about them was designed with one goal in mind: to help you get exactly the mix you're looking for. No matter your genre, format, or audience, Project Lone Pine will get you next-level results.

“The best studio monitors under $500-Period."

“...outstanding results at a price that compares extremely well against some of the LP-6’s most popular competition”

“The most controlled low-end that I’ve heard in any speaker at this price point”
“Easily out punch models twice their price or more.”

"A big recommendation for Kali Audio's LP-6 monitors! As a second pair or as a primary pair in budget-minded project rooms, you really cannot go wrong with these!"

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6.5" Studio Monitor

Now Available: $149Now Available-RRP €179.95 Inc. TAX

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8" Studio Monitor

Now Available:$249RRP €299.95 Inc. TAX

Transparent Sound

Hear every detail of your mix, warts and all.

Exceptionally accurate frequency response and a proprietary waveguide allow you to hear everything going on in the mix.

With very low distortion and high dynamic range, Kali's monitors present a crystal clear picture so you can mix with confidence.


Project Lone Pine Monitors play accurately all the way down to the bottom of their frequency response. Nothing is over-represented, but the bass that is on your track will come through with clarity and punch

Listen your way

Kali's team developed a set of boundary compensation curves at The Village Studios in LA. No matter where the speakers are set up in your space, you'll get accurate sound.

There are also connectors for RCA, XLR, and TRS inputs to suit your needs.

Kali Audio is a manufacturer of best-in-class audio technologies for the consumer and professional markets. Based in Southern California, our team has been responsible for some of the most successful loudspeaker products of the last 3 decades.

Kali works closely with partners in the music, film, and entertainment industries to design new audio products that help bring their work to life. With an eye towards the genre-defying, boundary expanding work of today’s most innovative artists, Kali strives to build products that will help makers at every level realize their vision without limitation.

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