Kali Audio Debuts 'Project Lone Pine' Studio Monitors

We are SO EXCITED to announce our debut line.

The line is made up of two models: the LP-6 6.5-Inch Studio Monitor and the LP-8 8-Inch Studio Monitor. Both models feature advanced waveguides, largest in-class magnets and voice coils, and a unique front-firing, low noise port tube. An array of boundary compensation EQ settings, XLR, TRS, and RCA inputs, and Class D power amps all make the monitors easy to use in any set up.

Charles Sprinkle, our Director of Acoustics, says of the monitors: “Project Lone Pine Studio Monitors are the most advanced speakers in their class. They are exceptionally accurate, and the large drivers that we’re using deliver incredible punch and clarity all the way down to the bottom of the frequency response. We’re excited to be debuting them at Rolling Loud, because we think that artists working in hip-hop and other bass-heavy formats are really going to appreciate the precision and accuracy of the low end, and how well balanced it is to the rest of the response.”

We are partnered with Audiomack for the debut at Rolling Loud. Audiomack is hosting a pop-up studio where artists can meet and collaborate in real time. Several pairs of LP-6s are being used, and we will be there taking pictures and hearing what people think!

The LP-6 will be available in the US August 1st, with the LP-8 following shortly after.

Pricing, specs, and more details will be available in the coming weeks




John Melikyan
Kali Audio appoints Charles Sprinkle as Director of Acoustics

We're extremely excited to announce that we've hired Charles Sprinkle as Director of Acoustics. Charles is one of the most visionary engineers working in our field today. He is known for exceptionally accurate loudspeakers and innovations in dispersion pattern technologies.

Says Sprinkle, “What attracted me about Kali was the freedom to explore peoples’ pain points with the audio gear they’re currently using and design products around giving them a better experience. In the time that I’ve spent in recording studios and at shows, I’ve come to understand that making a better speaker makes it possible for the person using that speaker to make a better product – whether that’s a record, a movie, or a live show. It’s exciting to be involved in that creative process, and to give people the tools they need!”

Before joining Kali, Sprinkle was a Principal Systems Engineer at JBL Professional, where he was instrumental in the development of many award winning studio monitors and portable PA products.

Sprinkle is already hard at work on Project Lone Pine. We're hosting listening sessions in LA this Spring, where you can be the first to hear our first line. If you're in LA and you'd like an invite to one of those listening sessions, drop us a line at info@kaliaudio.com

John Melikyan
Home Field Advantage

So far it's been a lot of fun getting things off the ground here at Kali. We've spent this week largely out of the office, talking to producers and engineers in their studios about their work and their processes. 

One really cool thing about being in Los Angeles is how many studios there are here, and how diverse the projects are that people are working on. We've talked to people who are making hip hop, jazz, rock, pop, classical - sometimes all in the same day. We've talked to people who are mixing records, people who are working on movies and TV, and people who are creating content that lives online. 

The thing that seems to unite everyone we've talked to is the passion they have for their work, and their determination to get the best possible end result. We're excited to let these people play with our products, tell us how they like them, and see them being used. Nothing is better than the feeling of knowing something you've created had a part to play in something wonderful. 

If you're a producer or an engineer based in or around LA, drop us a line at info@kaliaudio.com. We'd like to talk to you about what you do, and invite you to a listening party somewhere in the area. 

-Nate, 2/16/18

John Melikyan
Our Team

Kali Audio is made up of some of the most experienced professionals in the sound industry. The products on our collective resumes can be found in studios, on stages, and in homes all over the world. They include best-sellers in several categories, and they earned this distinction both from the quality of the products and the success of the people who use them.

The core team that formed Kali did so because we wanted to continue that strong engineering tradition in Southern California. We all believe that in order to build something that people will (want to) use, you need to talk to them directly and see what their needs are. Being in LA, we are able to be in regular contact with professional users at every level. This includes people who make music in their homes, DJs who gig for a living, top-tier music producers, working musicians, film composers, dedicated enthusiasts, and just about everyone in between.

We are excited to be working on the next generation of audio products, and can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

John Melikyan