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About Kali


Kali Audio was founded in January of 2018 by some of the Professional Audio Industry's most talented and passionate individuals. All of our products are designed and engineered in California, and each product line will be named after a different city or town in California. 

In addition to the Project Lone Pine Studio Monitors, our team is working on audio solutions for recording, performance, and listening. 

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Project Lone Pine

Lone Pine is a small town on the edge of the Eastern Sierra in California. Most of the climbers hoping to summit Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the continental US, start their journeys in Lone Pine. We thought that it was a perfect name for the project that starts our journey. 

Project Lone Pine is about bringing audio technology to market that will make it easier for creators to work with confidence. Our engineering team sought to build a line of speakers that deliver tremendous value, and help people create better work. We're excited for you to hear them!